The History of TMNT

Aug 7, 2014

In honor of the newest release in the TMNT universe, we’d like to share with you this awesome video that takes us through the complete history of this epic franchise:

TMNT Target!

Aug 5, 2014

We are so totally pumped that our new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle helmets made a starring appearance in the new Target commercial along with all other products TMNT. Cowabunga!

Static Magic

Aug 4, 2014

Reveal your kids’ Jedi powers using static electricity with this episode of ExpeRimental from The Royal Institution of Great Britain. Watch ordinary household objects move without being touched as neuroscientist Professor Sophie Scott and her son Hector investigate:

By rubbing a balloon or straw on a cloth or their clothes, they make balancing pencils, pens, and spoons move without touching them! In these experiments they discover how things with opposite charges attract, and those with the same charge repel. They investigate whether the phenomenon will work with a variety of objects and even a stream of running water…

Try it yourself! The accompanying info sheet is here (pdf).

How to be Awsome

Jul 31, 2014

Stay tuned for Kid President’s guide to being awesome:

Mr Rogers: How Crayons Are Made

Jul 21, 2014

Mix hot liquid wax, hardening powder, and some color pigment. Pour the mixture into a mold of small cylinders, and after it cools, pop them out! Label them, collate them, and box them. This classic 1981 crayon factory visit fromMister Roger’s Neighborhood is an excellent addition to our factory and How Things Are Made video collections. Watch as Mr. Rogers narrates.

We love when the same story is told from different perspectives. Don’t missSesame Street: how crayons are made — a shorter, wordless version with an equally wonderful soundtrack — and Bert Haanstra‘s Oscar-winning, jazz-filled short film Glas.

App Review: Plants

Jul 17, 2014

Plants by Tinybop from Tinybop on Vimeo.

Plants is the second app in Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library. The first, The Human Body, reached the #1 spot on the App Store’s education charts in 143 countries and was named one of the App Store’s Best of 2013. Like the Human Body, Plants is a slow-play app which aims to help kids make connections about the world and prompt big questions.

Buy Plants for $1.99 in iTunes. And most of all, make sure to check out this epic (!) stop animation by Kelli Anderson.

Paper to Plants from Tinybop on Vimeo.

Urban Water Slide

Jul 15, 2014

Nothing quite says summer like this ultimate water slide down the streets of San Francisco!

Mind Blown: Lego Hack

Jul 10, 2014

Ehrmagerd, our minds are blown. Time to borrow a few of the kids’ Lego people:

How to Speak Chimpanzee

Jul 8, 2014

Hoping to assemble the world’s first chimpanzee dictionary, primatologist Dr. Katja Liebal spends hours observing how different groups of chimpanzees communicate with each other. She believes that there is a language within their gestures, facial expressions, and vocalizations, and documents these patterns of communication, from kind moments to power struggles. In this clip fromExtraordinary Animals, Dr. Liebal translates for the chimps at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire.

Testing Fireworks

Jul 2, 2014

How do you know that the fireworks you’ve made are going to burst in the sky as expected? Test them! In this episode of I Didn’t Know That, visit one of the UK’s leading fireworks manufacturers as they test the component parts of a 125mm arial starburst shell.